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   Articles In Potential
  1. Currently None.

  1. "Modeling of specific energy consumption and reduction strategies for lathe machine tools," In preparation.

  2. "Characteristics of hybrid process using dry nanoparticle deposition and micromachining," In preparation.

  3. Yoon, H.S., Yang, L., and Min, S*, "Modeling of ductile-brittle transition of single crystal sapphire in ultra-precision machining," Pending.

   Articles In Preparation

  1. Yoon, H.S., and Min, S*, "Evaluation and characterization of tool contact detection using servo current in an ultra-precision machine tool," To Be Updated.

  2. Kim, M.S., Yoon, H.S., Kim, E.S., Lee, J.Y., Shin, Y.J., Kim, S.Y., Yoon, Y., Cho, J.H., Min, S., and Ahn, S.H.*, "Simplified evaluation methodology of power consumption for milling machines," To Be Updated.

    * Corresponding author

    Last updated: February 2020.