The Smart Hybrid Manufacturing Lab. strives to carry out educational- and research activities with various manufacturing equipment.

  Facilities will be further updated and announced.


  A power monitoring system for machine tools

  A power meter (PAC4200, Siemens Industry Inc., Germany) has been installed on a 3-axis machine tool (ROBODRILL α-K10C, FANUC Corp., Japan) located in KAU machine shop (공작실).

  The real-time monitoring system will be implemented and utilized.

  KAU machine shop is managed by the Office of Education Service (교육지원실).


  Fabrication capabilities

   3D Printer

    Model                                    3DISON AEP I (ROKIT Healthcare Inc., Korea)

    Working volume                  260 mm X 200 mm X 245 mm

    Available materials              PLA, ABS, ULTEM 9085, etc.

    Printing speed                     25 - 1000 mm/sec

    CAM S/W                              Creator K


   3-axis CNC engraving machine

    Model                                    DAVID 3025Y (David Motion Technology, Korea)

    Working volume                  300 mm X 250 mm X 60 mm

    Available materials              Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, etc.

    Spindle speed                      6000 - 24000 rpm

    Compatible tool shank        ϕ3.175, ϕ4

  The real-time monitoring & logging system (members only) will be implemented and utilized.


  Experimental devices

   Nanoscale positioning system (customized)

    Linear motors                      L-509.1ASD00 (Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG, Germany)

    Controller                             SMC hydra CM (2 axes) & C-663.12 (1 axis)
                                                  (Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG, Germany)

    Load capacity                      100 N

    Min. incremental motion     0.02 μm

    Repeatability                        0.1 μm (unidirectional)

    Travel range                         26 mm X 26 mm X 26 mm


  Measuring equipment

   Digital microscope (customized)

    CCD                                      TBU

    Magnification                       Maximum X3000 (optical & digital zoom)

    Light sources                       Coaxial & Ring LED sources with modulator

    Resolution                            4K UHD (3840 X 2160 pixels)

    Travel range                         75 mm X 55 mm (standing arm available)


   Surface roughness profiler

    Model                                    SURFTEST SJ-411 (Mitutoyo Corp., Japan)

    Stylus tip                              60° / 2 μm

    Measuring force                   0.75 mN

    Resolution                            0.01 μm (800 μm range), 0.001 μm (80 μm range), 0.0001 μm (8 μm range)

    Measurement range             25 mm (X-axis)



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