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Design of robotic end-effector for UAVs

posted Feb 5, 2021, 12:32 AM by KAU SHML   [ updated Feb 5, 2021, 2:12 AM ]

Project Sponsor: Korea Aerospace University

Category: 교비연구 지원 (연구소도약연구, KAU로봇연구센터)

Project No.: 2020-2069-0001

Period: 2020.12.01.-2022.11.30.

Project Title:

 Design of robotic end-effector for UAVs

 (무인기 탑재용 End-effector 개발)


 To design and fabricate robotic end-effectors for UAVs


 - Design and fabrication of robotic end-effectors for UAVs

 - Performance test and evaluation of the fabricated modules (flight test)


 - This work was supported by 2020 Korea Aerospace University Faculty Research Grant.

 - 이 연구는 2020년도 한국항공대학교 교비지원 연구비에 의하여 지원된 연구이며, 이에 감사드립니다.